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Our Community

Our approach to Environmental, Social & Governance.

We are ESI Monitors members. Being Environmental and Social Impact Monitors (ESI Monitors) means we have invested in and subscribe to independent specialist tools, services, and expertise to improve our environmental and/or social sustainability. We strive to make positive, effective, and long-lasting changes by using these tools to measure, manage, minimise, benchmark, and continually improve our impact.

You can learn more about being ESI Monitors here.


We recognise our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and actively integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our business model.

In June 2021 Praxis made a formal commitment to environmental sustainability by enrolling every office on the ESI Monitor’s FutureTrack. The Framework is an international benchmark and serves as an environmental management system to measure, manage and minimise an organisation’s environmental impact. The comprehensive framework includes measurement and management of scope one, scope two and scope three emissions.


The Group is committed to ensuring that slavery, human trafficking and forced labour have no place in or around our business and we have therefore put processes and policies in place to strengthen our approach to tackling any risk of this. We have a responsibility to respect the human rights of our colleagues, customers, the communities we operate in and the people who work throughout our supply chain, and we have an opportunity to make a difference.

Praxis does not tolerate slavery, human trafficking, forced labour, child labour or child exploitation. We have implemented a number of policies which allow us to manage human rights both within and outside of our business including our Codes of Conduct. Furthermore, the Group employee staff handbook makes it abundantly clear that employees are always expected to behave ethically and operate with integrity.

The Group has a proactive approach to developing our reputation and engagement in our communities. We recognise the need to be socially responsible and in local communities, this means we support charities and organisations, sports teams and events that aim to provide learning, training and development opportunities, and/or encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles, and/or improve the quality of people’s lives. Details of our latest community initiatives can be found below.

We also give each of our team dedicated volunteering time to support a local charitable initiative.

Our head office in Guernsey has received external accreditation for its contribution to the island’s community. ESI Monitor presented the company with the Community Champion Award for 2020  and 2021. Click here for details.


Praxis Group Limited, which is headquartered in Guernsey and listed on The International Stock Exchange has adopted the Finance Sector Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

As a financial services company, Praxis is fully committed to the principles of good corporate governance including effective management, reporting and transparency.

Our Board of Directors considers effective governance to be at the heart of good business management. Our approach is focused on ensuring that the process the Group follows to make key business decisions allows for careful consideration of the impact those decisions have on the wider stakeholder group.

The Group’s annual reports, which contain full details of our governance and audit procedures are available in the Investor Relations section of our website here.


The Group operates within complex regulatory environments in each of its jurisdictions. We aim to ensure we meet or exceed those regulatory requirements.

We put risk management and regulatory compliance at the forefront of our operation and it remains a core focus in all day-to-day activity and staff training.

We deal with our regulators in an open manner and have a constructive dialogue with them as required.

Full regulatory details for each of our offices are available here.

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