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Jake Le Brocq

Beginning to Build Back Better – first steps

Earlier this year two members of our Private Client & Corporate team were selected to represent the island's next generation of financial services leaders in the Jersey Build Back Better programme which launched in parallel to Jersey Finance's sustainable finance strategy.

Jake Le Brocq and Sarah Denoual have both joined the programme's inaugural cohort of professionals who over the course of the year will focus on finding practical applied and impactful ways for Jersey's financial services industry to have positive global impact.

We caught up with Jake to find out why he wanted to get involved how the first session went and what lies ahead for these next gen movers and shakers.


Jake you've been selected as one of just 30 professionals to represent Jersey's next generation of financial services leaders. Firstly why did you want to get involved in the Build Back Better Programme?

Mainly due to the growing awareness of the planet's ecology and our relationship with it. I have a keen interest in the subject but initially had little knowledge of ESG principles or what part I can play individually or as part of the PraxisIFM business to implement sustainable practices. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to educate myself and to hopefully make a difference by learning impactful ways to implement positive environmental and social change.


What are you hoping to get out of the opportunity and what are you hoping to bring to the 30-stong cohort?

A greater and meaningful understanding of the core problems we are facing and on the flip side the solutions available to us across the industry and ideas for how we as an organisation can adopt the necessary changes. I would like to help implement this firmly into our Group's ethos and values by learning practical approaches that can bring long term positive change. It also gives me a platform to share ideas with like-minded people and to expand my connections.


The programme's first session was held at the end of May how did it go? What was covered/the focus of the meeting?

It was great to meet professionals within our industry with similar views and interests. We watched a great short film called Our Planet: Too Big To Fail that explores the risks of inaction the impact of investing-as-usual and the role the finance sector can play in powering a sustainable future. This was followed by presentations and a panel discussion from local leaders in sustainability. To hear their views on both the present day and how we can positively change the future was incredibly insightful. Leading on from the session the group has been tasked with mapping out our own organisation's alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and then convening with senior leadership to discuss our findings and agree an appetite and next steps for better alignment.


As the first cohort of Build Back Better professionals what would you (the cohort) like to achieve with your year?

As a leading IFC with global reach and an Island community Jersey has a responsibility to leverage its expertise and capital for the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable global economy. We as a cohort have the opportunity to develop genuine credentials in sustainable finance and ensure Jersey plays its part in the global transition which in turn can build a more resilient finance industry. We want to ensure Jersey is at the forefront by looking to combat climate change and implement a sustainable low carbon future.

What changes/developments do you hope to see for financial services professionals in the next 5-10 years?

An awareness of how changing our day-to-day processes and activities for the better can positively impact both our lives and those of future generations. Education and willingness to cooperate are key and therefore financial services firms should look to implement change within their organisations and to create these values as the 'new normal' for professionals of the future.


If you could give one piece of advice or word of encouragement to the island's next generation of sustainable finance leaders what would it be?

Be open to change and feel confident to voice your opinions among your peers as to how you believe we can implement a more sustainable future. This topic is becoming ever-increasingly important and the sooner we act the better. Innovate the future for both you your close ones and for future generations.


More information on the Build Back Better initiative is available on its website.


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