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Sharon Coburn with bursary student Zach Ellis

Experience to be gained as PraxisIFM Bursary Award applications open

PraxisIFM has launched its Bursary Award for 2022.

The scheme offers one Guernsey-resident prospective university student valuable workplace experience and financial support to complete their studies.

Now in its sixth year the PraxisIFM Bursary gives local students the chance to explore the financial services industry and the roles available while at the same time completing their chosen degree. The bursary recipient will not only gain relevant industry experience with a leading independent trust and financial services provider through paid summer work - they will also receive a2500annual bursary over any three-year degree.

Current Bursary recipients Zachary Ellis and Caitlin Strachan said they benefited significantly from their time with the business.

'I think a lot of parallels can be drawn between engineering and the finance sector. Mathematical and analytical skills underpin both and they are comprised of tailored complicated structures that serve specific purposes. The finance sector and how it operates is something that appeals to my interests and I wanted to learn more about it' said Zach.

'I was really keen to gain hands-on work experience to support me with my degree which was what attracted me to PraxisIFM's bursary scheme in the first instance; I am supported with my studies and able to take advantage of paid work during breaks in my studying to further my learning. I was also impressed by the Group's extensive and varied clientele' said Caitlin.

Group Head of Human ResourcesSharon Coburnencourages anyone interested to apply. 'We're very passionate about facilitating learning and development opportunities and that extends to young people in the community wanting to explore this line of work and develop a career in professional or financial services. Many employers look for graduates with relevant work experience and we feel it's important as a large local employer to act as an enabler for those opportunities and provide varied work experience in many of the different business functions that make up our business.'

To apply students need to complete our online form including an uploaded copy of their CV by midnight on Sunday 26 June.

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