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Tortoise Takeover


Durrell - Tortoise Takeover

Jersey’s Tortoise Takeover combined art, conservation and community spirit and we’re proud to have played a role in this exceptional event. Our tortoise ‘In the Stars’, created by Jersey artist Mike Harris, raised an impressive £10,500 for the cause.


Mike brought our tortoise to life with a design that celebrated flora and fauna from unique environments, while emphasising the need to protect these delicate ecosystems. ‘In the Stars’ symbolised Jersey Zoo’s long-term commitment to global conservation.


The Tortoise Takeover achieved a significant fundraising milestone, with over £700,000 being raised through the auction of these specially designed tortoises. These funds are now being used to build a brand-new reptile and amphibian house at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust & Jersey Zoo.

In The Stars | Praxis

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