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PraxisIFM – Post-Brexit Vote

No doubt you are by now well aware of the likelihood that the UK will begin the process of leaving the European Union.

Rest assured that at PraxisIFM we have been monitoring the situation very closely to make certain that we protect the interests of our clients and the structures they hold across the varied range of services we provide.

PraxisIFM is a multi-jurisdictional business and although we consider that there are no immediate negative effects on our clients arising from the Brexit vote we are clearly well placed to advise from our bases across the world including Malta and Luxembourg which remain members of the European Union.

We are aware that there may be matters or issues that our contacts or clients will want to discuss further with us or indeed bring to our attention and as always we hope you will feel free to direct these to your usual contact at PraxisIFM who will be happy to clarify our thoughts.

In conclusion we are very much 'open for business' and feel strongly that our geographical spread and the strength of our product offerings will help us to continue to provide a range of planning options and flexibility that will be ever more crucial 'post-Brexit'.



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